Orthodontic Treatment from Walker Orthodontics

Common Treatments

Check out common treatments for orthodontic problems. See transformations of teeth before and after treatment!

Children’s Orthodontics

What age should I consider orthodontic treatment for my child? What options are available? Learn more about questions like these on our Kids page.

Teen Orthodontics

Teens are our most common patients. Get answers to questions about braces for your teenager here.

Adult Orthodontics

So you never had braces as a kid? No problem, we have the technology and know how to get you that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Types of Braces

What types of teeth braces are available? Technology has come a long way and we have all kinds of braces ranging from traditional metal to invisible braces and hidden braces.

Types of Orthodontic Appliances

Certain procedures will require different appliances to get all teeth in their proper positions. Find out more about certain appliances that we use on this page.

Two Phase Treatment

What is Phase 1 and Phase 2 treatment? How will this type of treatment help my child have the healthiest smile possible?

Surgical Orthodontics

Dr. Walker is able to deal with even the more complex orthodontic procedures, including surgical orthodontics such as underbite surgery. Find out why you might need surgical work and the details about it.

Laser (Biolase)

Biolase Laser treatment helps us be extremely precise with our orthodontic work. The laser helps mold the gums around the teeth to improve your smile even more.


These disorders cause intense jaw pain that can affect your daily life. Schedule an appointment to find out if it is really Temporomandibular Disorder and how it can be treated.


Keep that smile looking gorgeous after getting your braces removed by using the latest in retainer technology. Find out more about the retainer options we offer here.

Orthodontic Dictionary

All the terms our office uses to help you understand what we are talking about.

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