Tips for Flossing With Braces - Walker OrthodonticsOral hygiene is an important step that should be taken seriously, both while you have braces on and not. But for those with braces, this is especially important to your oral health. If your teeth are not properly cared for during their time with prices, you are at a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities. Working around the braces can be difficult to get used to when you first begin your braces journey. The Chandler orthodontist team at Walker Orthodontics has compiled the tips and facts you need to know about flossing with braces.

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How To Floss The Small Spots Between Teeth and Wires

Just as you have a daily routine for brushing your teeth, it is important to maintain a flossing routine as well. Your brushing routine should consist of a good cleaning morning and night, and even between eating, especially if you snuck a few snacks your braces don’t like! But flossing can be tricky. Dr. Walker, your Orthodontist in Chandler, provides you with tools to make it easier. A floss threader is the perfect, small plastic tool to reach in-between your teeth and wires. It also has a thread on the needle to help assist in small places.

Orthodontist in Chandler AZ - Chandler Orthodontics Flossing Between The Teeth

Flossing between the teeth is not much of a challenge. It is easy to reach the areas between the teeth. Floss as you normally would without braces. Move the floss back and forth between the teeth. Use a clean section of floss for each new area. This will make your teeth happy, and your Chandler AZ orthodontist.

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Promoting Oral Health and Hygiene Habits

The smile your working towards will be much greater if patients continue to use good oral hygiene while wearing braces. That’s something that will make you and your family orthodontist in Chandler Arizona very happy. But don’t let yourself off the flossing hook once your braces are off, it’s important to continue these habits so you don’t have any trouble or dental surprises in the future.


If you have questions or troubles regarding flossing or braces, contact the top rated orthodontics office at Walker Orthodontics. The friendly staff is dedicated to making your time with braces easy with helpful tips and answers to your important questions. Your smile is important to each member of the Walker Orthodontics team.

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