Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Smile- From Chandler Orthodontist Dr. Walker

Maintaining proper dental care and oral hygiene during your orthodontic treatment process is very important. The purpose of your orthodontics is to improve your smile, if you’re not careful you could see some negative effects once your braces are removed. Typically tooth discoloration happens once the brackets are removed, which is normal for the long duration. But you can help in keep those discolorations minimal, and preventing further problems. Learn about these simple steps that promote healthy teeth and gums during your orthodontic treatment in Chandler.

Tips For A Healthy Clean Smile To Support Your Orthodontic Treatment from Walker Orthodontics

Brushing and Flossing Routine

Am I flossing or brushing first? For cleaner results it’s best to floss first to remove all the unwanted particles from the teeth and gum lines. Then brush as normal; 45-degree angle along your gum line with gentle back and forth motions.

Tongue Health

Properly cleaning your tongue can prevent bad breath that causes from a buildup of bacteria. Using a tongue scraper, or gently using your brush, scrub your tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria.

Monitoring Foods That Stain

Many foods can cause teeth stains such as coffee, dark juices or berries and even smoking. To prevent discoloration, limit these foods or brush after their consumption.

Home Solutions for Stains

Can’t commit to a diet without coffee, wine or other staining foods and drinks? A safe whitening alternative you can try at home is baking soda. Use twice a month, brushing as you normally would, to help improve the look of discoloration.

Replacing An Old Toothbrush

The bristles in your toothbrush can become frayed, worn and may flatten over time. They may even accumulate and germs and bacteria while you were sick. Replace your brush each 3-4 months, or after an illness.

Consulting An Orthodontic Professional

Notice some changes in your oral health that you feel wary about? We all feel guilty about cheating on our braces with foods like gum and popcorn, but keeping open communication with your Chandler orthodontist is important. If you’ve noticed pains, bad breath, or other disconcerting oral problems, address these concerns during your next office visit.

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