Soft Foods to Eat After Getting BracesSoft Foods to Eat After Getting Braces

To start off, congratulations on getting braces. Braces are the right of passage to the straight teeth world. So bravo! However, like any right of passage, you must first deal with the trials and tribulations.

These trials and tribulation of braces consist of mouth soreness and tender teeth. This is usually a big issue when it comes to eating in the first couple of weeks. To help ease the pain, you must figure out the types of soft foods to eat after getting braces, especially if you have a tween. You don’t want to have a cranky tween mumbling “I can’t eat anything”. Not a pretty sight.

Luckily there are plenty of soft foods to eat after getting braces, however, you need to know the kind of soft foods that offer the proper nutrition while being gentle to the mouth and teeth.

Let’s take a look at the soft foods to eat after getting braces:

  1. Low Hanging Fruits
  2. Mmm Veggies
  3. Nothing Beats a Soft Bread
  4. Everyone Loves Baked Goods
  5. Got Dairy?
  6. Poultry not Poetry
  7. Meat of the Matter
  8. I Seafood
  9. Soup Up Your Day
  10. Treat Yourself a Snack


What are the types of soft foods to eat after getting braces?

Surprisingly, getting braces make for a great time to eat healthy. This is due to the fact that you have to avoid certain foods, such as candy, corn chips and gummies. But you already know that because your dentist probably told you. Right?

Here are the soft foods to eat after getting braces as promised:

The Low Hanging Fruits

The idea of eating fruits after getting braces may seem unlikely, but you’ll be surprised to know that you have a lot of options, e.g. fruit smoothies, and mashed bananas or any fruit that can get mushy.

If you come across any whole fruits that you like, you can cut them up into small pieces and use your back molars to chew. However, if you don’t feel the need to cut up some fruits, you can stick to applesauce, bananas, grapes, grapefruits, nectarines, kiwi, oranges, tangerines and strawberries, which are all very soft.

Mmm Veggies

Similar to fruits, veggies are a great source of protein. Even though vegetables are pretty solid, you can easily eat them by steaming them, e.g. steamed broccoli or spinach. This will give the soft texture that you need. Additionally, a vegetable can always be cooked until they are soft, e.g carrots and squash, or better yet, you can throw them into a juicer.


If you don’t feel the like waiting , you may want to eat non-chunky salsa, hummus, avocados or guacamole and cole slaw. Also, you can buy mashed potatoes, and beans.

Nothing Beats a Soft Bread

Bread is also a wonderful option. You know it’s soft and no cooking is needed, but to it eat.With that, any type of soft bread that doesn’t have nuts, seeds or whole grain is acceptable, e.g. biscuits, muffins, pancakes, and soft tortillas.

To add:

If you like whole wheat bread, we recommend buying a smooth texture bread and tearing off the crust.

Baked Goods are So Yummy

Ah, bake goods. Even though most people associate bake good with cake, there are a variety of options as long as you stay away from nuts. You can choose to eat muffins, cornbread, soft cakes and of course pancakes. And no, pancakes are not bread.

Got Dairy?

Any dairy product that’s made from milk is a great source of vitamin D. Fyi, they are also  braces-friendly. Guess what. You also have a variety of options to choose from. Some of the selections include tube yogurt, smooth yogurt, soft cheese like cottage, brie, thin sliced Swiss etc; custard, pudding, and milk-based drinks.

Poultry not Poetry

Poultry or chicken is another great source of protein. Looking into eating soft-cooked chicken, cut-up chicken nuggets and tenders.

Meat of the Matter

Meat is meat whether it’s beef or steak. However, you want to stay away from hard to eat meat and focus a bit more on softer meat like meatloaf, thin slice lunch meat, meatballs and meat cook in a crock pot. Now that sounds more like it!

I Seafood

Tuna, salmon, fish loaf, fish croquette, crab cakes and cut-up fish stick all come to mind and stomach when you think about seafood. With that in mind, you should know that seafood is great source of protein and Omega-3.

So have at it and bon appetit.

Soup Up Your Day

Soups are the go-to meal for anyone with a sore mouth. Usually, people tend to go for chicken noodle soup, but you don’t have to stick to that tradition. The next time you go grocery shopping, take a look at some of the other available soups that don’t contain chunks or mushy ingredients.

Treat Yourself a Snack

Lastly, give yourself a treat. You’ve earned it. Once in a while indulge in some ice cream, milkshake, smoothies, soft cake, cheesecake, Jell-O, flan (yummy) and pudding. Now this doesn’t mean to go crazy, just snack in moderation. You still have your teeth to worry about.

Also, you can have yourself cold drinks like iced tea and coffee. Just try not to take in too much caffeine.


Final Thought

As you can see, there are tons of soft foods to eat after getting braces to choose from. You just pick the soft food that you prefer and voilà. Just stay away from hard, gooey, crunchy and sticky food, which can actually damage and break your braces.


If you have any questions or need more information about the soft foods to eat after getting braces, please don’t hesitate to contact our Chandler, AZ orthodontics practice at 480.899.5555 or request an appointment at your earliest convenience. We will be more than happy to speak with you!

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