options for braces for adultsBraces aren’t just for kids anymore, especially since some of the newer options allow you to wear them virtually undetected, so you don’t have to face a lot of heckling from co-workers and mischievous friends. More and more adults are getting braces these days, because they provide the same tremendous benefits that they do for younger people, and there are simply more options for braces for adults than ever before.

Teeth which have been crooked or misaligned since childhood can be straightened, spacing between teeth can be made more regular, and you can achieve the very best smile possible with teeth that are properly positioned. When visiting your dentist, you can inquire about options for braces for adults, and in virtually all cases, there will be at least one type that will fit your lifestyle, and allow you to get the benefits you want, without embarrassment.

Clear braces adults

Clear braces are installed directly on to your teeth, just like traditional metal braces, but have the advantage of being either completely clear or colored to match the color of your teeth. The pieces which attach directly to your teeth, as well as the brackets themselves, are completely clear and are far less noticeable than conventional braces. Remediation of dental issues will be accomplished in a time frame roughly equivalent to that of traditional metal braces, while allowing the wearer to be less self-conscious.

Invisalign braces are one of the best options for braces for adults, and may be the perfect solution for an adult who wants all the benefit of the corrective power of braces, without any of the hassle or visibility. These braces correct dental misalignment incrementally, using a series of molded ‘teeth trays’, for both upper and lower teeth, with each stage of straightening lasting 2-3 weeks.

This means that the wearer must be re-fitted at each stage of the straightening process, as teeth are moved a small amount at a time. But the huge benefit of Invisalign braces is that they can hardly be seen, even by someone fairly close to you. They are also extremely easy to put in and take out, for instance if you’re having a big office meeting, and want to remove them for an hour. Because Invisalign braces are made of smooth plastic, they won’t cause any irritation inside your mouth, so they are more comfortable in place than most other types.

Braces cost for adults

Clear braces will cost around $4,600 out-of-pocket, but are only around $2,600 when insurance pays part of the cost. This same general model is repeated for most of the other types of adult braces too, so you can expect that insurance might cover about half the total cost of your adult braces. Metal braces generally cost around $5,300 out-of-pocket, and are something like $3,400 if insurance helps out.

In the case of Invisalign braces, the total cost will always be dependent on the number of incremental stages that a patient undergoes during the straightening process. There can be a wide range involved, because the degree of straightening required will be different for each individual patient. According to the company which markets Invisalign braces, Align Technology, the total cost of braces can run anywhere between $3,500 and $8,000, with costs corresponding to the amount of correction needed.

Obviously, the cost of using braces to correct misaligned teeth is somewhat significant and requires careful consideration, but on the other hand, the benefit of having a beautiful smile to show the world can literally be priceless.

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