Dont Eat That: What To Avoid With Braces

4 Types to Avoid While You Have Braces- Walker OrthodonticsAlthough braces are durable, they need to be treated with care. That means maintaining constant care with brushing and flossing, but also with the foods you eat. Foods that get stuck in the wires and brackets can damage your braces. Foods that damage the braces can slow treatment time. Know which foods are best to avoid while wearing braces so you can be on your way to a healthy smile, faster.

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 Foods High in Sugar Content

It may be hard to imagine going without sugar for the life of your braces, but it is important to limit the amount of sugar you’re consuming while wearing braces. Now you won’t be able to go without it completely, Chandler orthodontists, at Walker Orthodontics recommend brushing immediately after. It’s best to avoid high sugar items like gum and soda whenever possible because of the risk of causing higher plaque build up. When sugar and plaque build up in the mouth, it can lead to several issues including swollen gums, tooth decay, and spotting on the teeth.

Foods to avoid with braces Chewy Candies

Orthodontists in Chandler earlier recommended avoid foods high in sugar, although Walker Orthodontics understands there will be times when sugar is eaten. But chewy, soft candies such as caramel, taffy, Starburst, etc are the worst to eat when caving in on no sugar. Aside from the high sugar content, these sticky candies can lift your brackets from the tooth. Eating these chewy candies that can lift your appliances with slow the treatment process and will require an extra visit to your local orthodontist in Arizona. It’s best to avoid these candies altogether.

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 Hard Foods

There are many hard foods that are too tough to eat while wearing braces. These foods cause pressure on the brackets and can damage and bend the wires. This includes most nuts, ice cubes, popcorn, hard breads and more. Foods like popcorn may not be as hard, but can lodge between gums, teeth, brackets and wires. This will irritate the gums further, and may be impossible to remove with floss.

 Foods that You Would Normally Bite into with Your Front Teeth

Walker OrthoBiting into foods with your front teeth, such as apples or carrots, pose a serious threat to the brackets. These foods do not need to be avoided while wearing braces, but if they are consumed they should be cut into bite-sized pieces instead. Cutting these foods into bite-sized pieces allow for the chewing to be done on the back molars, versus causing extra pressure on the front teeth brackets. This includes foods such as fruits and vegetables, but also spareribs and other meat with bones.

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